Am I a candidate?

You will need to schedule a consultation visit with one of our extremely skilled physicians. They will provide a thorough clinical examination and assessment to determine if one of our procedures at ONE Regenerative Health is right for you.

How much do these procedures cost?

Please call our office at (949) 383-4190 for further information regarding pricing.

What type of conditions does Regenerative Medicine treat?

Regenerative Medicine treats a broad spectrum of orthopedic injuries and osteoarthritic conditions including knees, hips, ankles, hands/wrists, facet joints/spine.

Will Regenerative Medicine worsen my current condition?

Unlikely. Research indicates that Regenerative Medicine can actually strengthen tissues, rather than degrade/damage them. Although you may experience some discomfort after a treatment, this will likely resolve after a week. Risks of injections may include but are not limited to: pain, infection, lack of response, tissue injury, bleeding.

Are these procedures safe?

Yes, procedures conducted by ONE Regenerative Health are safe. ONE Regenerative Health uses current and up to date evidence-based medicine and science-based treatment options to treat a range of diagnosis.