A single injection of ReNu may result in a reduction of symptoms for up to 12 months. In a 200-patient randomized, single-blinded clinical trial, 69.1% of patients who received a ReNu injection had meaningful improvement of symptoms for at least 6 months. In average, patients who responded to ReNu had a 63% reduction in pain measured by the Visual Analog Score (VAS).

(See publication – A Randomized Controlled Single-Blind Study Demonstrating Superiority of Amniotic Suspension Allograft (ASA) Injection Over Hyaluronic Acid and Saline Control for Modification of Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms)

Despite appropriate conservative care efforts, a significant number of patients remain symptomatic. Medical frailty, obesity, young age, high activity level, patients wishing to avoid surgery or having disease that is not end-stage for a joint replacement are candidates. You may be able to delay or entirely avoid surgery.

According to the Arthritis Foundation an estimated 30.8 million Americans (13.4% of the population) has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA), with the knee being one of the most commonly affected areas. While the condition cannot be reversed, painful symptoms associated with knee OA can be managed through proper treatment, therefore avoiding or delaying costly and invasive knee replacement surgery.

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